Space Wasters – Episode 4

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Space Wasters – F*ck Haircuts
The fourth episode of the San Francisco comedy series. Starring Brian Pandola, Christopher Peters, and Rebecca Hirschfeld. Directed by Steve Pandola
Released 12/07
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11 Responses to “Space Wasters – Episode 4”

  1. SteveO Says:

    Oh!…you guys found the Maury clip…nice work. Just watched episode 4 for the second time, it’s hilarious! I’m glad that Brian gets a hair cut, but it would be a tragedy if Chris were to ever cut his…aye!

    Thanks for the laughs. Keep it up dudes.

  2. Mary Says:

    I love Space Wasters! i laughed the whole way through episode 4. the writing is so original, and all the shots around san francisco are great! can’t wait to see more

  3. Geert Says:

    Cool 😀 Very funny!! 😀

    What about an episode in the Netherlands 😛 hahahah

  4. Nave Says:

    So many British people in this episode!

    Steve’s hair is so long!

    Chris Peters is so sexy!

    So sexy!

  5. g. matthews Says:

    Every once in a while, your Uncle DL will shoot me a link to your work, and I always enjoy the hell out of it. Between DL’s ill-advised attempt to grow-out his hair a couple of summers ago (it looked like he had a bale of pubes stuck to the back of his neck!) and your mustache documentary, I was delighted to watch another a clip about hair. DL mentioned that you’d be interested in feedback, so here goes. Of course, I’m a total choad and stupid to boot, so make of the following comments what you will.

    In terms of this entire series, I really like the characters. I know all these people, it seems, and find the things they do and say credible and entertaining. Becky especially has a gift for conveying a great deal of inner feeling in subtle facial gestures. This is appropriate, since she’s the character that seems to have the most emotional depth. In this episode, for example, when she’s at the hair show and Brian tells her to shut up after she’s expounded on her affection for him, she registers both pleasure and exasperation in the way she purses her lips and tucks her chin. In addition, I dig her penchant for baby-doll tees. Hat-tip to wardrobe!

    I like the dialog, too, and am grateful that it doesn’t descend to the arch-editorializing of, say, most of Keven Smith’s work. “Mallrats” was the frikkin’ worst for this. T.S. and Brody spoke as they were living in a high-school play with two actors playing one part; in a way, I guess they were. The point is, you guys do a really good job of assuring that each character has a distinctive voice. Chris’s honest cluelessness and Brian’s guarded sarcasm compliment each other well. Swearing’s used effectively, too. When Becky finally asks “WHAT the FUCK are you talking about?”, it expresses exactly what the viewer has been thinking for five minutes.

    Other than that, the direction here is clever and deceptively simple. For example, juxtaposing those scenes of Brian walking past those cubicles with the smart-ass dick-sucks who give him shit every morning really underscored and added texture to the “at siege” mentality he seems to possess.

    Moments that really didn’t add to the story in my mind were Nintendo orgasm, Jamba Juice, and Cosmo quiz. I did think these scenes were funny, but didn’t really get any more out of the story from them.

    Anyway, good luck. I envy your creativity and talent.


  6. Galen Says:

    You guys are awesome! Brian, I love the clever writting and all the character archs. Each one has their own shit going on and it all comes together (kind of like Seinfeld). Steve, I love the angles and the direction and flow of this episode. I also thought Tony had a great cameo with the “got any beer” line. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!! Keep going, you have fans!


  7. Tom Says:

    The Maury shot was great! I laughed my ass off even more when I saw what you had done. Nice job on the whole episode. I also think the acting was well done…I want more…when will the “for profit” networks figure this one out?

  8. iphone Says:

    I’m a fan man (not a fanman, but more like a fan, man).

  9. Reed Says:

    Just fell on this (Saturday morning) and loved it. It’s like a punk rock The Office but better because it’s set in my town! Keep upping the emotional ante and you’ll really get me hooked. Watching this also made me want to grab my camera and come out and help you get some pickups – when the dude comes out and struts for the hair show I was dying with laughter but I might have literally peed myself if we could have gotten a couple more reaction shots.

    You have a new fan. Hope you can keep this thing going. And I’m serious about wanting to help out – no, I’m not a desperate psychopath hoping to make fake friends through some remote connection to characters on TV whom I believe to be real, not yet anyway – but if you need people to throw a hand in for various areas of production I’m willing to give it some hours.

  10. Nico Says:

    You guys are great. I love the show! Rebecca is a hotty….I love you Geek Goddess!

  11. Big T Says:

    Funny! Great attitude. Likeable characters. Amusing script and action. It’s a hit. (Too bad about the haircut.)

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