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“Ahead of the Game”
Space Wasters – Episode 1
Hide Your ‘Stache
A group of moustachioed young men form a support group to help cope with society’s misunderstanding of their facial hair choice.
Released 10/07
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2 Responses to “Hide Your ‘Stache”

  1. Binzi Says:

    Luv it! I’ve never shaved my upper lip…ever! I’ve had my moustache for 30 years, and while it changed from year-to-year, it’s always been there. I’m very attached to it. I’ve had nightmares about trimming too much and accidentally shaving it off! I’ve awaken in a cold sweat, clutching my ‘stache for dear life, only calming down by feeling the clump of hair in my hands and the sensual tug on my upper lip. It went from blond to white, from bushy to biker, and was long enuf to tickle my belly, and blow over my shoulders and tangle with my ponytail on the motorcycle… once.
    It’s heart-warming to see young moustache blood embracing the most intrinsic element of manhood!

  2. Bill Says:

    Just saw several of your short films on Cambridge Community Television. Really funny stuff guys! Great Job! Will be posting this video on my Facebook page so that my friends will be exposed to your funny material.

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